Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Keyboard poetry a manifest

What is keyboard poetry?
Keyboard poetry is when you use the keyboard to create poetry by arranging the keys on the keyboard into a poem. The keyboard becomes a poetic object.
How do you create keyboard poetry?
First you need a couple of old keyboards. The more keyboards you you have, the easier it will be to write your poem in the end. Open the keyboards and loosen the keys.

On an ordinary keyboard you have four rows with 10-12 character each to write on. Use the loosen keys to create a poem on four rows by replacing the keys on the keyboard. Be creative and uses the special keys as home, del, insert, pg up, ctrl, alt to make new words and expressions.

When you have finished your poem take a photo of the keyboard and publish it on the web, and start again with a new poem,  or if you prefer, keep the poem as an object. You can give your keyboard poem to someone you like as a gift.

Poem written with help of three old keyboards;
Love you
can´t ctrl it
sugar & salt!
Haiku is a verse that fits for keyboard poetry.

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